More than a Rain Leak Repair Company

We have developed several ways to serve you and your home repair and maintenance needs. We provide a great starting point with our “Whole House Inspection”. From the chimney cap to slab we find and prioritize the needed maintenance! We then compile the overall cost for each priority area for you to schedule as your budget will allow.

Whole House Wind & Rain Inspection

Our interior/exterior check-up will tell you the repairs needed right away and the maintenance necessary for a moisture free and energy efficient home. Upon completion of our inspection you will receive a written report itemizing the repairs needed, the cost for each repair and all warranty information. We also provide a maintenance schedule to keep your home dry for many years. Make sure to click the Whole House Inspection Box on the Service Order Form.

Contractors, Builders, and Commercial-Sized Projects

We are frequently approached by other companies in need of a professional water intrusion analysis, and the proper steps for repairs. In any situation that we are needed on a “sub-contractor” basis instead of directly serving a homeowner/customer is accounted for in our separate Consultation pricing. We enjoy the partnerships and assistance we provide for many companies in the DFW metroplex such as roofing, masonry, window, and remodeling companies who have unresolved rain leak issues.

For consultation-only arrangements we charge a $495.00 fee, which includes two-hours of inspection and report compiling, and $100 per man hour thereafter. Our Office Charge is the same to compile reports. Up to 50% of these costs can be credited back if we are contracted and approved to handle the repairs. Please call us for more information or questions about the process!

Why we have succeeded where others have failed

To be successful in this business we have to be 100% correct at least 98% of the time. That means only 2 reoccurring leak call backs out of 100 repairs! The only way to do that is experience, attention to detail and a high level of knowledge regarding exterior surface materials and how things go together. That knowledge is critical to help us pinpoint problems and determine the right product to use for the repair.

The other critical component to achieve a successful long lasting weather-tight repair is product knowledge. Products are improving all the time, but not meant for every application. Many companies make little or no effort to learn and / or train about new products and application. We do! There is no comparison in knowing the water intrusion business, so there should be no comparison in price!